Admissions 1 provides critical guidance to high school students and their families as they undertake and navigate the college admissions process.  We help our clients to:

  • Educate students and families about the college admissions process
  • Navigate the process
  • Identify the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests
  • Define academic, professional, co-curricular and social goals
  • Establish an appropriate range of schools for application
  • Conceive of and perfect an engaging and solid personal statement
  • Navigate the financial aid process
  • Stay organized and meet deadlines
  • Find the best fit!
Dream big and take small steps

Dream big and take small steps

Welcome back to school! A new school year means a fresh start in your academic journey and new goals for yourself (and not just academic-focused ones). Before the school slips away from you, spend some time thinking about where you would like to be at the end of June....