We just took a look at the new Kiplingers ranking of ‘best values’ in public colleges and universities.  While we do not want to put so much faith in any rankings, these are interesting and (we think) worth a peek.  Kiplinger’s magazine ranks public colleges and universities based on a number of important criteria, including: cost (in-state and out of state), graduation rates, student standardized test scores, admissions rate, graduation rate, student/faculty ratio, SAT and/or ACT scores, and average student indebtedness after financial aid.  You can find the full methodology here.

In such financially difficult times, this ranking system is quite helpful for families interested in finding a financial AND academic gem.  These are schools that provide a great education for a great cost.  Three schools in the SUNY system rank very highly in both the in-state and out-of-state categories; these are SUNY Binghamton (1st out-of-state value and 6th for in-state value), SUNY Geneseo (2nd out-of-state value and 7th for in-state value), and SUNY Stonybrook (12th for out-of-state value and 39th for in-state value).