Hudson Valley Community College offers a large variety of opportunities for many different types of students.  We visited the campus in January 2009 and were impressed by not only the physical campus with its many new buildings and future plans for new construction, but also by the bustle and activity of the campus on a freezing Friday morning.  The breadth and depth of course offerings makes this campus a place that many students and families might want to consider. 

Mary Claire Bauer, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, spent two hours with us and during that time we learned a lot about the programs and the students at HVCC.  The Office of Admissions is located in the Guenther Administration Building.  This structure houses most of the offices students need to visit during the registration process.  This “one stop shopping” design streamlines the process for students and facilitates communication among students and administrators.

Although a community college may not meet everyone’s needs, HVCC is certainly worth considering.  It has a reputation for strong academic preparation, a wide variety of programs, knowledgeable academic support team, a large majority of students transferring to four year institutions after completing one or two years,  and a long standing history of strong athletic programs. The college’s programs in pre-engineering, nursing, X-Ray technology, dental hygiene and all the health sciences are competitive.  All students who meet the admissions criteria are admitted even if the student is not enrolled in his or her first choice academic department. 

The Individual Studies (INS) program is the most popular major at HVCC.  This makes sense given the various avenues that can lead a student to this department. 

Students planning to transfer to a four- year school are placed in the INS program and are encouraged to develop a plan of study which mimics the general education program of the college(s) to which the student hopes to transfer.  HVCC partners with an abundant number of public and private universities and colleges.  Students who work within the strong academic support network at HVCC will have many opportunities at four-year colleges and universities.  Click on this link for a list of HVCC’s affiliates and partners.

Students initially waitlisted by their first choice program are placed in the INS program to begin the pre-requisites of their desired course of study.  Click on this link for HVCC’s waitlist policy.

Traditional high school students and home schooled students who hope to earn a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma through the HVCC 24-Hour Credit Program are housed in the INS program.  Click on this link for more information about HVCC’s 24-Hour Credit Program.

In addition to a strong foundation for the first two-years of a Bachelors Degree, HVCC offers many competitive programs which (once the A.A. or A.S. degree in conferred) offer students the chance to gain employment in their chosen field.  Click on this link for a list of HVCC’s degrees and certificate programs.

HVCC is located in beautiful and historic Troy, NY.  While all students commute to campus there are many social and professional clubs organizations which add to student life on campus.  Students are involved in campus life which makes HVCC a vibrant and dynamic community. 

HVCC offers a great program at an unbeatable price.  The diverse student body come together in pursuit of a variety of academic and professional goals.  HVCC’s Troy location doesn’t hurt either! The city is home to a number of colleges, close to Albany and Schenectady, the Adirondacks, Berkshire, and Green Mountains, and three hours from Boston and New York City—all these amenities make HVCC a great place to study, and grow as a student.