Admissions 1 teamed up with BansonNYC this July for an innovative and exciting program for high school students interested in the world of fashion. BansonNYC hosted two groups of girls (the first with 7 and the second with 9) high school girls from all over the country came together for an educational week.  The campers lived at the LIM dorms in mid-town Manhattan.  BansonNYC’s founder, Holland Grumieaux, planned and implemented a superb itinerary allowing the girls to spend their week visiting designers, museums, colleges with fashion design and merchandising programs, and much more.

Admissions1 presented their program ‘Shopping For The College that Fits you Best.’ The four-hour session explored students’ academic and professional goals and interests.  The students took what they learned over the course of the week and with A1’s help, were able to begin weaving their aspirations in the fashion industry into concrete options for colleges, potential majors, and future careers.  The students prepared for the session by researching a fashion website of their choice and presented their findings to the group as part of the program.  What was clear from the A1’s research on fashion  and academic approaches to this multifaceted industry, was that there  are as many pathways into this field as your imagination will allow you to consider.  The investment of just a week’s time was invaluable for the participants.  At the end of the week, the campers had clarified their goals, had first-hand experience in New York City, and knew so much more about their future professional selves.  This will enable them to make much better academic and career decisions as they finish high school and begin the college selection process.

Interested in finding out more about this program?  Contact Holland Grumieaux at BansonNYC. BansonNYC  is planning to run this fabulous program again next summer.