College Admissions Myth Busted: High School is *NOT* just a resume builder.

This is one of our favorite myths to bust.  Students and parents often ask us: what are colleges looking for on an activities resume? 

Typically, what students and parents are really asking is, “what are the most impressive and/or important activities to pursue in high school”?  Or, “what will make a resume look great when the time comes to apply for college”? 

The answer is that all activities have potential.  In addition to pursuing the most rigorous academic program for the individual student, students should spend time pursuing what interests them.  Like music? Participate in band, orchestra, chorus, or take a part in the musical.  Don’t like music? Don’t pursue these activities.  Sports, student government, literary pursuits, musical, artistic, and volunteer activities should be pursued because you love them or think you do and want to try them out.  

Whatever your interest, go the distance.  It is always impressive to show depth and breadth within an area.  Fine tune your skills and experience by taking on leadership roles within whatever organization you participate. Become captain of the debate team; spearhead and organize a food drive through the key club, or a new fundraiser for a a great philanthropic cause. 

At the end of the day, all these activities that you have enjoyed and have committed your time to will build you an impressive resume.  They will also make you a more interesting applicant AND  help you focus on what you like and (possibly just as important) dislike. 

This organic method of building your resume will shed natural light on the real you.  That is really all that admissions officers want: to get to know the real you.