If you are a college-bound high school senior, March Madness has taken on a new meaning this year.  In the world of college admissions, March Madness means the waiting game is finally over.  Millions of anxious high seniors around the country are receiving their letters of acceptance or denial.  Along with the acceptance letters will be information regarding the financial aid award.

As we all know the cost of higher education increases at a maddening pace and many decisions about where to attend rest in the hands of the financial aid offices.  To assist with the cost of attending college, students seek the assistance of outside private scholarships.

We advise students to start their search locally. Many high schools across the country award scholarships in the spring of a student’s senior year.  Students can often apply to these local scholarships by completing a short form in their college guidance office.  Many of those deadlines are fast approaching so if you haven’t already done so get to your guidance office ASAP!  Parents can always make a call to the guidance office or check the high school’s web site for more information.

If you are a member of Capital Communications Federal Credit Union you should check out  page 14 of the March/April  Lines of Communication Newsletter or email Theresa Petrone at [email protected] to get all the facts on applying for the Weidner “Ed” Davis Scholarship. CapCom awards this $2500 scholarship to fifteen students!

Good Luck!