38 Minutes is about the time it takes

to complete a yoga dvd
to practice the cello
to prepare a pasta dinner
to give the dog a really good walk
to write a good blog post

And (according to Counseling and College Counseling In America’s High Schools by Professor Patricia M. McDonough UCLA Department of EducationUniversity of California,  January 2005 ) 38 minutes is about the average amount of time that high school students meet with their guidance counselors to discuss the college selection process.  Yes, you read that correctly,

38 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many dedicated, smart, and knowledgeable high school guidance counselors all over the United States.  But they are trying to hold back the tide. According to the most recent statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics Study: High School Guidance Counseling, the average ratio of students to guidance counselors in the United States is 315 students per 1 guidance counselor.   These are already impossible ratios.  With the challenging fiscal realities school districts are currently facing, these ratios are not going to get any better.  In fact, they will probably get worse.

A public education at a SUNY (State University of New York) 4-year institution can cost more than $80,000 for four years and a private education can cost more than $200,000 for four years.  Families should invest more time exploring higher education and professional options than they do watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy each week.

By spending time, effort, and some money, you and your student will have an action plan which considers academic, professional, and affordability goals.  We encourage students and families to spend time upfront during the exploration phase of the college selection process so that they are focused on where to apply and poised to make great decisions about where to matriculate.