When considering what to write about for your college essay–remember this: everyone has a great story to share.  A good essay tells so much about you and can make what was formerly a two-dimensional application come alive.

When admissions officers read applications, your transcript and standardized test scores will top the list AT MOST INSTITUTIONS as the most important items.  Once you have jumped through this first quantitative and sometimes fiery hoop, you are now in the running with other students who also have good grades and great scores.

Now what do you do?  How do you compete?

A great essay makes you come alive, makes you a three-dimensional human being — someone who can add to campus life.  Showcasing yourself and some important qualities about you that are not evident from the other parts of your application is a great way to push your application to the top of the electronic pile.  Spending time finding a great story that truly shares more about you is an investment worth your time.

Remember, some of the best essays are written about mundane or everyday events.  Don’t worry if you haven’t got an earth shattering tale to tell.  Most of us don’t.  Even if you haven’t yet scaledMt.Everestor won an Oscar, don’t fret.  Sharing your story in an engaging and interesting manner will do wonders for your overall application.

Let me give you fair warning, however, writing a great piece will take time. Don’t leave writing your essay for the last minute.  A good essay must be written, reflected upon, rewritten, and rewritten again.  Many people –even the best writers– have difficulties writing.  Always remember that whatever your skills are as a writer, you can always write a better essay than your first draft.  Even the professionals have editors.

In our essay writing house parties we help students limber up their writing muscles through brainstorming, mental gymnastics and other fun games.  We show students that they do have interesting stories to share and help them see how they can write an uncommonly good essay for their Common Application.