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You don’t need to hike the Himalayas or write the great American novel to impress college admissions counselors.

Take time this summer to pursue career interests and develop marketable skills with a part-time job or internship/job shadowing opportunity.  A summer job teaches (among other things) responsibility, reliability, communication skills, and teamwork–all critical to success at college.

Believe it or not, scooping ice cream or teaching swim lessons can help you to define and/or refine your own professional aspirations.  Summer can also be a time to catch up or move ahead in an academic pursuit.  Check out community college summer school courses for a cost-effective way to develop your talent and rack up college credits.   College admissions counselors want to see you are spending your time well and considering what you like and don’t like.  Lazy summer days lends itself to reflection and self assessment.

And of course, I don’t need to remind you to spend some time relaxing and enjoying the lazy season.