You are now in the final stages of senior year but next year you will be the ‘new’ kid on campus.  Hard to believe.  While you are preparing for your next academic adventure here are some items to keep to help you finish high school right.

  • Do finish your senior year on a strong academic note.  Your college will ask for and look at your final transcript. If your grades drop dramatically in your last grading period you will hear from the admissions or deans office at your new school. This is not the way you want to begin your academic relationship with your new school.
  • Do take all AP tests.  As tempting as it might be to skip out on one or more of these exams, AP credit will give you academic flexibility in the years to come.  You will be happy for that extra credit a number of times over the next four years.  Remember to ask the CollegeBoard to send your AP scores to your new school.
  • Do complete all electronic new student ‘paperwork’ from your new school.  Housing and other offices on-campus will start placing students into dorm rooms, first-year seminars, and other programs for new students on a “first come first serve basis.”
  • Do continue to define and refine your academic and professional goals and aspirations. College offers you four years to explore these areas.  The more time you spend in this process the more confident you will be four years from now.
  • Do plan on getting involved in and outside of the classroom once you get to college.  Try something new –maybe an activity or club that was not offered in high school.

If you are waitlisted

  • If you want to remain on the waitlist, follow all directions carefully on how to do this.
  • Write a well written short note to the admissions office at the waitlist school to thank them for continued consideration and let them know (if this is the case) that you will definitely attend if accepted.  Include any updates to your application such as academic awards, athletic or artistic achievements, or community service (attach any award notes, articles, or other information to support your letter).
  • Let your school guidance counselor know about your waitlist status and provide him or her with a copy of the letter.  Ask your guidance counselor to call the waitlist school to see where you are on the list and to let the school know about your continued interest.