About Admissions 1 Educational Consultants

The Admissions1 Educational Consultants: Allison J. Schultz and Mimi Hajjar

Mimi Hajjar is the co-founder of Admissions 1 Educational Consultants.  Her 15 plus years of experience in both undergraduate admissions at Boston University and high school guidance were spent helping students and parents navigate the college admissions process. As a public school college counselor, Mimi guided her students through the often overwhelming college selection process.  She educated approximately 350 students per year in a variety of available post-secondary educational opportunities. Her primary career focus has been, and will continue to be, counseling students through the college selection process. It remains her passion and is the driving force behind her work.  Mimi earned her undergraduate degree in Marketing/Communications from Babson College and her Masters in Education from Northeastern University.

Mimi Hajjar
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Allison J. Schultz is the co-founder of Admissions 1 Educational Consultants.  She has nearly 15 years of experience in academic advising and financial aid counseling. Prior to her work as an independent educational consultant, Allison was an Assistant Dean in the undergraduate business program at Georgetown University. In this role, she focused on assisting students to explore options in the classroom and university environment and to define academic, co-curricular, and professional goals. In her current role, Allison continues to engage students in identifying and realizing their academic and professional goals.  She believes that active student participation in the college selection process lays the groundwork for dynamic involvement in all areas of college life.  Allison earned her Bachelors degree in Government from Cornell University and her Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University.

Allison J. Schultz
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Members: New York State Association for College Admission Counseling.

Mimi and Allison are working toward membership in the  Independent Educational Consultants Association. They pledge to adhere to the Association’s Principles of Good Practice.