Essay Writing House Party

Panicked about writing your college essay? Don’t panic. Have a party instead.

Host a College Essay Writing House Party with Admissions 1 Educational Consultants.  We will help you develop your essay before senior year begins.

Your group provides the location and light refreshments.  Admissions1 provides the engaging and fun two-hour session.  You and your friends will be well on your way to writing an uncommonly good essay for the Common Application. The ‘party’ is designed for 5-8 friends.  See price structure and options below.

See what our House Party hosts and guests have to say about their experience on our testimonials page.

Looking for the afterparty?

Consider our +2 option for two hours of individual consulting after the ‘house’ party is over.  Work with an Admissions1 consultant to develop your essay in two separate hour-long sessions.

The essay writing workshop concentrates on key elements of a successful essay, including:

  • A discussion on the importance of the essay and what colleges are looking for in a personal statement.
  • Mental gymnastics and other games to stretch students’ brains.
  • Knowing your audience.
  • Avoiding common traps.
  • Brainstorming great ideas from the everyday.
  • Editing your essay.
  • A timeline for writing your essay.

Essay Writing +2: After participating in the essay writing workshop, ‘+2’ clients work one-on-one with a consultant to edit and fine tune the essay.  This package will help the student stay focused and confident that the necessary time and energy is devoted to producing a well-crafted essay.

Pricing For Essay Writing

House Party and +2 Option

Number of   Participants Cost (per   student) for Essay +2 Cost (per   student) Essay Writing Only
5 $175 $75
6 $170 $70
7 $165 $65
8 $160 $60

Your +2 cost will be based on the number of students in your essay writing house party.

So don’t panic. Schedule a college essay house party today!

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