We strive to provide our clients with a valuable service at a reasonable cost.

Our clients -parents and students alike- give us positive feedback letting us know that we do just that. Our clients feel they are getting substantial value for the modest amount of money spent. Sample client comments are found below.

A parent describes how beneficial the college essay writing house party was. She was happy to do it, found that it took the edge off the students and really got the creative juices flowing. She was comfortable paying the  fee as the cost was nominal. In sum, the house party did exactly what she wanted it to do.



A student describes how Admissions 1 helped her via the essay writing house party and otherwise to write a solid college essay She indicates that the essay is the only way to get your personality flair in the application and that there’s a lot of pressure to write a good essay. Admissions 1 helped her to narrow her focus, at the house party and otherwise.



A parent host of an Essay Writing House Party comments on same:



Here is what one of our student clients has to say about Admissions 1’s services:



Here is what a parent of one of our student clients has to say about Admissions 1’s services:



Our clients also have told us this:

They decided to let me in to Dartmouth (early).  Thank you very much for everything you did; I’m positive I would not have gotten in without your help.
Thanks again,
-NF, Niskayuna, NY

We both found you to be supportive, bursting with information, and always there to answer all our questions in a knowledgeable, calm and professional manner.
–PG, Niskayuna, NY

Thank you for working with us as we maneuver our way through the college selection and application process.  You are a wonderful find.  My daughter admires you so much and truly respects your opinion and guidance. She is so happy that you mentored her through this process.
–GH, Loudonville, NY

It was our pleasure working with you.  Your help and guidance meant much more than these few words can quite convey.  Thank you for giving a direction and support through the college finding process.
–JS, Clifton Park, NY

Admissions 1 consultants helped me appeal our financial aid award after a  dramatic and difficult change in our financial situation. Without A1’s persistence, my son would not have returned to college for his senior year.
–CS, Ardsley, NY

Just wanted to let you know, Z has had two responses from schools so far – Oswego and Albany – both positive… he’s very excited and so am I. Thanks for all your help.
–HD, Clifton Park, NY